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What is infused?

Think of Infused as a hyperlocal billboard you or your company can put up anywhere. Users who step into this space will receive a notification with your special message. It could be a daily deal, real estate information, art, literature, or anything under the sun!

What will you infuse?

How Does it Work?

Infused connects the digital life you live with the people and places you love.

Infused is a hyperlocal broadcasting and publishing app you can use with your friends or the community around you by leaving music, art, video, or photos in physical locations. As users pass by these locations in real life, they'll receive a push notification with your special message. Art and music is transformed from mere media into an experience by allowing users to see and explore where others were inspired.

All of the messages sent with Infused are immediate, relative, and felt by their recipients. It’s the perfect opportunity share and discover inspiration in your city.

What are others saying?

Ink on Infused

Infused allows artists to expand the influence of their creations, show users a little or a lot more about themselves and their creative passions, and take them on a journey of discovery and innovation. A gallery is no longer contained to four walls it is now an entire city.

- Chicago Artist Resource

It's not a Facebook wall post, it's not a Reddit thing, it's not Flickr," Fisher said. "I want to give new life to street corners. I want to give new life to parks and monuments, to let people see the narratives behind the place.

- Fast Company

If you'd ask me I'd say Chicago Poets (Infused) is like FourSquare for art, music and poetry. And it really is that. What Josh and his partner Jeremy from Chicago poets showing on tablet app prototype if GPS enabled magazine friends from want to accomplish is to give artists a tool where they can place their work into real world coordinates.

- FastTracks Magazine

A GPS-enabled arts magazine that allows users to discover art, music, poetry, stories, and videos in their communities, Infused is an exciting project that is redefining the digital canvas, and an example of possible partnerships that could come out of our own MIMMiC Project.

-OnMain Gallery, Vancouver


Appoet is a mobile developer and publisher focused on augmented reality and hyper-local discoverability technologies. We work with business, individuals, artists, and organizations to make their media and content local, personal, relative, and engaging. These aren’t applications for recipes or yoga tips, but media made to evoke and inspire.